NC School Library Media Association

Serving Our Regions

To better serve our membership, the state is divided into four main regions.  Our Regional Directors represent two areas of the state corresponding to the map shown below.  Each Director has the following responsibilities:
  • to serve as a communications channel between the NCSLMA Executive Board and the membership of that region
  • to share information with the board on the state of affairs in that region
  • to provide opportunities for members to have input into programs and activities on regional and state levels
  • to coordinate regional activities that promote professional development, membership growth, and opportunities for professional networking.

Coastal Director represents Regions 1 and 2 (Northeast and Southeast regions)
Piedmont-East Director represents Regions 3 and 4 (South Central and North Central regions)
Piedmont-West Director represents Regions 5 and 6 (Central and Southwest regions)
Mountain Director represents Regions 7 and 8 (Western and Northwest regions) 

District 9 - Independent/Private Schools


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