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Jenny Umbarger

NCSLMA President


School’s Out For Summer!

(Albeit a very short summer for me before I head back officially on July 12.)

I finally feel like I have a chance to breathe and get more than my forehead above water for at least the next week or so. I am sure that many of you can relate to that feeling, and the last thing many of us have space for is to explore professional opportunities to participate in during the summer break. But having just got home from the ALA Annual Conference in Washington, DC, believe it or not, I am finding myself refreshed, inspired, and ready for more learning! 

At the conference, I enjoyed networking with other librarians and doing some “author stalking” in the exhibit hall - Jerry Craft, Linda Sue Park, Nic Stone, Meg Medina, Cicely Lewis, Steve Sheinkin, and Jason Reynolds just to name a few. We participated in a special Library of Congress Open House event where we had the chance to sit in the Main Reading Room, walk through the stacks, see the exhibits, and go into the main card catalog room. We attended the AASL Chapter Assembly, and will be sharing some important information from that in the coming weeks. And of course, there were the numerous sessions, both general and concurrent, that informed and inspired us.

The closing session was a conversation with the “proud professional troublemaker” Luvvie Ajayi Jones, discussing her new book Rising Troublemaker: A Fear-Fighting Manual for Teens. I’ve already gone back to rewatch this session, and I will likely do this again (in addition to reading the book) to make sure I absorb all the words and messages. She reiterated the late John Lewis’s challenge to make necessary and good trouble, saying “To be a troublemaker in a deeply unjust world is to be somebody who is actively pushing against what’s not ok” and “Instead of being afraid of making trouble I think we need to just lean into it…[and] not apologize.” She challenged us to be more than an ally and become an accomplice - put action to your allyship. I find myself frustrated that we as school librarians are put in a position to need to make trouble as we work to do what’s best for our students, but we do it. We fight against those who are trying to take the books away from our students and libraries, and fight to ensure all of our students are represented in our collections, as just two examples of making trouble and being an accomplice. Thank you for being that person for your students and in your schools!

Luvvie also shared her advice for self-care and collective care. In addition to Shea butter and moisturizing, she said that self-care is to know when to step back and recharge your batteries and collective/community care is checking in on people and doing your part.

If you need to take the summer to step back and personally recharge, that is perfectly ok and no one should feel guilty doing that! But, if part of your recharging is professional, NCSLMA is here to provide that collective care for you:

Maybe you are recharging by attending one of the NCBOLD sessions offered by the NCDPI DTL department or just taking the time to catch up on the TBR pile. What are the other ways you are recharging professionally this summer? Members are always encouraged to share opportunities through the NCSLMA School Librarians Facebook group (be sure to answer the membership questions if you are just joining!) and through the General Forum on the NCSLMA website.

NCSLMA members: please review and vote on the proposed bylaws change as we work to provide increased support through added Regional Director positions. Watch for the call for nominations for our 2022 election of officers and we hope you consider running for one of the positions if you are looking to expand your leadership within our organization.

Have a great, relaxing, and well-deserved summer break (if you get one) and be sure to take time to practice self-care and collective care!


Jennifer Abel

Conference Chair, President Elect

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Battle of the Books Update

 Stacy Hersey, Director of Book Programs

Now that the hustle and bustle of the year is behind most of us and we can take a breath and relax just a bit, it's a good time to think about next year.  Would you like to be involved with NCSLMA but just aren't sure how to do that?  All three levels of Battle of the Books would welcome your involvement.  We like to have 2 representatives from each region to ensure that voices from all over our great state are being heard.    We would LOVE to have you!!

 You can email me at stacyhersey@ncslma.org if you are interested in volunteering on any level of BOB.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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The division of Digital Teaching and Learning (DTL) is excited to announce its new iteration of NCBOLD for this summer! We are back in person and excited to share and learn with you!

Realizing the importance of high quality, face to face professional learning, DTL will offer an all day digital teaching and learning conference in each of the educational regions throughout our state.  NCBOLD has recruited current, practicing educators with a proven track record of delivering high quality and innovative professional learning tied to the Digital Learning Competencies for both educators and administrators and the Digital Learning Standards for students. These NCBOLD ambassadors have created innovative sessions that will allow practicing educators to effectively integrate digital teaching and learning in their classrooms. For a session guide and registration information see bit.ly/ncbold22guide.

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