November 2023

Volume 4.11

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Jennifer Abel

NCSLMA President


President’s Corner November 2023

Happy November! Not sure how we got here. I hope everyone is having a great school year. 

Me and Kristy Sartain got to represent NC at the AASL conference in Tampa last month. We were both honored to be able to walk across the stage for the state of NC. We learned so much at the conference and made some new friends. In December I will be joining leaders from across the country at an ALA advocacy workshop in Chicago. I hope to bring back some tools and ideas that we can use as an organization to help advocate for NC School Libraries. 

We are always looking for new folks to join our organization. 

Open Volunteer Positions: 

Have you wanted to volunteer with NCSLMA, but didn’t know where to start? We’re making it easy because we would love to have your talents supporting our organization! Check out the new Open Volunteer Positions on our website for information about current open positions. This list does change as positions become available, so make sure to check it often. If you see something that sounds like it would be a great fit, please consider volunteering. Not only will it help NCSLMA, you will also be able to show leadership at the state level on the DPI School Librarian Evaluation Tool.

Upcoming events: 

The Page Turners Book club will meet November 18 and discuss “Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant” by Anne Tyler

November AM Brew Crew -  November 4 , 9:00 am
November PM Brew Crew - November 17, 8:00 pm

Kristy Sartain
Conference Co-Chair

Thank you to everyone who came to conference! I hope you had a great time and learned a lot of stuff, met some new people, reconnected with people, and/or found your spark. If you haven't read it yet, I wrote a blog post loosely detailing the numbers and addressing some of the comments that we received on the feedback form. Check out the blog here

Congratulations to the following winners of the Scavenger Hunt!
These competitive people won free conference registration for 2024. If it's not obvious who you are from the username, please email me at to let me know who you are. :-)


These members won a free NCSLMA membership. If you have paid for 2024, we'll extend your membership for a year. Please reach out to me and let me know.


I am very excited for next year's conference and to see what Faith and the Conference Team puts together based on her theme, Being A Librarian Is A Walk In The Park. 

I was very lucky to be able to attend AASL in Tampa two weeks after our conference. I loved being able to see librarians I have been following on social media. It was extra special to run into NC people there. You definitely look at conferences with a different eye after you've planned one. It stressful enough planning one for 500 people. I can't imagine planning one for 5,000! 

The Leadership Academy application window is now open. I hope you consider applying. I was in the first cohort in 2020 and that program changed my whole professional career. Seriously. I met some freaking amazing people and gained enough confidence to jump into NCSLMA with both feet. Being able to learn more about being a leader as a school librarian, then being able to immediately apply that knowledge is not something that every PD can do.

We have a bunch of new members after conference and we welcome you! Make sure to check out our private, members-only Facebook Group. Please make sure you answer ALL the questions. We have it set to auto-decline if any are not answered. We use the questions to verify membership and to ensure rules are understood. 

Happy November, the absolute best month of the year!

Magically yours,


(Announcements and Updates)


NCSLMA has a small blog on our website. If you would like to contribute to it, please send submissions to We're looking for news items, stories about your library, fun events you have had, etc. Pictures can be included and are welcomed. There are no minimum or maximum length requirements. Share some of the great things going on in your library!

Battle of Books Compliance Form Is Open!

It’s that time again!!  Time to complete your compliance form if you are going to have a Battle of the Books team.  The compliance form will be located in the “Events” section of the website.  You will register for the event which will give us all the information we need in order for you to compete in all three levels of Battle of the Books.  The event opens November 1 and will remain open until December 1.  NEW THIS YEAR- there is a $25 late fee if you complete the form after Dec. 1.  There will be a new event that opens on Dec. 2-15 for late compliance forms. The sooner you can complete the form, the better.  If at a later date, you decide you will not be able to have a team, no worries.  Completing the form does not mean you are committing to coaching a team-it just means you are considering it.  If you do not have a compliance form on file, you will not be able to compete in the district or regional competitions so it’s better to go ahead and fill it out.  Here is a short video showing how to get your compliance form completed.  

Stacy Hersey, Director of Book Programs

A Shout Out From Author Jarrett J. Krosocka

Media Specialist, Melanie York from Ashbrook High School in Gastonia, NC,  had a great experience with author Jarrett J. Krosoczka!  After a quick connection on Threads with Jarrett J. Krosoczka, she informed him  that his book Hey, Kiddo is on the NC High School Battle of the Books list.  After perusing the list, he was so excited that he made a TikTok shout out for all the NC librarians involved. 


Election Results Are In!

Thank you to all of our members who participated in this year’s election and congratulations to our new board members! These new regional directors will officially begin their 2-year term in January.

There were no candidates for the Region 9 position, so if you are a member of Region 9 and are interested in serving as the Regional Director, please reach out to Past President Jenny Umbarger at If the position remains vacant, Region 9 members will continue to receive support through the geographic region in which their school is located.

NCSLMA Sections

Director: Faith Huff

Director: Lucy Wilcox

Awards, Grants, Scholarships
Director: Leslie Pope

AASL Delegates

Laura Aldridge & Sarah Justice

Book Programs
Director: Stacy Hersey

Director: Brene Duggins

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Director: Vacant

Regional Directors:
Lead: Lori Munroe

Social Media
Director: Alicia Luke

Director: Vacant


Meet Natalie Hulbert 

An Invitation To Join the Elementary Computer Science Content Series


SLNC Educator Survey

The Government and Heritage Library, part of the State Library of North Carolina, has created  an Educator Survey to assess the needs of our teacher community and see how we can best serve them through our educational resources and services. Please take a few minutes to take this survey at and share the survey with your colleagues so we can identify your needs and best serve our educator community.


If you’re currently an 076 certified School Library Media Coordinator and are seeking further licensure qualifications to lead media programs in school districts, our 078 Licensure in School Library Media Supervisor offers an add-on licensure program to certify your skills as an exceptional administrator. This powerful licensure prepares you for system-level director and supervisory roles, such as director of media and technology, district library media coordinator, library supervisor, and other roles requiring strong skills in administration, leadership, and curriculum development. Our School Library program is ranked #1 in NC and #8 in the nation by U.S. News and World Report, a testament to the strength and depth of the specialized training we offer in this flexible, fully synchronous online licensure program.

  • Apply Today - We are only able to offer this cohort once every 3 to 5 years.

  • Qualifications: School Librarians holding their 076 licensure with a minimum of 3 years of experience by the end of the courses. 

  • Course Requirements:

    ELC 670 Leadership for Teaching & Learning,

    TED 669 Educational Implications of Learning and Developmental Theory,

    LIS 694 Supervision: School System Library Media Programs, 

    *Note the Praxis 5412 will be required for final licensure 

  • Want more information? Check out our digital newsletter : or contact Tammy Gruer at 

Courses are offered synchronously online in the evenings to allow for everyone's busy schedules.  If you are interested or have questions, please feel free to contact Tammy Gruer at