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My name is Stacy Hersey and this is  year thirteen for me as the media coordinator at an elementary school.  In my former life I was a fourth grade teacher.  I love the digital aspects of my job and love learning new programs and ways to enhance the tech skills of both my students and staff.  I'm an avid reader and YA is my favorite genre. I've been a part of EBOB since I was in the classroom and I've been a part of the state committee since 2015.  I look forward to continuing to be involved with BOB since I truly believe it's a great program.  

Director of Book Programs: Stacy Hersey,

For more specific information about the different levels, click the links below. 

EBOB Home Page

MBOB Home Page

HBOB Home Page

Regional/State Competition Information

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    General Information

    Battle of the Books

    NCSLMA sponsors Battle of the Books for Elementary, Middle, and High School competitions.  Homeschool students do not meet eligibility requirements for our competition. 

    Battle of the Books began as a program for middle school students, grades 6-8. The program has expanded to include the elementary and high school levels. Students at participating schools read books from a list established by the state Battle of the Books committees and then compete in quiz-bowl-style tournaments to test their knowledge of these books.

    Battle of the Books involvement is contingent on participating schools meeting the following criteria: 

    • Coach:
      • Either an 076  licensed Media Coordinator OR Certified Staff Member serving as the school's BOB coach
      • current member of NCSLMA
      • fills out compliance form by deadline 
    • Library
      • with a designated space on the site of the school ( Only Exception, some Early and Middle colleges operate differently - See High School BOB rules).
      • cataloged collection
      • open and staffed at least 20 hours weekly by a certified school Library Media Coordinator or other certified staff serving in the role of Media Coordinator.
    All members of NCSLMA have access to the BOB pages. These pages are full of BOB resources pertinent to each level's competition. 


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