Guidelines & Procedures

  • You may begin promoting the award within your school or district at any time.
  • We are recommending that students read at least 2 books on the list to be eligible to vote.
  • Students and media specialists may also nominate titles for next year's list.  These books should have a copyright date of no more than five (5) years from the award year (for example for the 2021 award, copyright dates should be 2015-2020 (2021 is also acceptable).
  • Voting ends on March 31 each year. 
  • Middle school students vote for middle school titles and high school students vote for high school titles.  If your school does not fit the traditional 6-8 or 9-12 standard then use your discretion when determining from which list your students will vote.
  • Please include your list of nominations when sending your vote totals.  If a book receives multiple nominations please tally the number of nominations per book.  This will help us determine the most popular titles. 
  • Please use the tally sheet (or one similar) to add up your votes for each book then send us the total vote count for each title.
  • You should submit your votes via our google form voting ballot on this site.  Only the school media specialist should fill out the form to ensure we are only getting one set of votes and only votes from qualified voters.  
  • We will post the results as soon as possible!
  • Thank you for taking part and making this opportunity available for your students.


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