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Book Awards


At the May 2021 NCSLMA Board meeting, the board engaged in conversations about ways to revamp, update, and support our membership and the students that we serve moving forward including our relationship with NCYABA and NCCBA. After thoughtful discussion the Board voted to allow both committees to pursue opportunities for growth outside NCSLMA without board oversight. This will begin after the 2021 conference. Both committees are still intact and are welcome to request funding from NCSLMA in the future. We look forward to seeing what each committee accomplishes in the future.

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Please note, Book Awards pages are for informational purposes only and will no longer be updated. 

North Carolina Young Adult Book Award

The North Carolina Young Adult Book Award was started in 2008 to encourage reading at the middle and high school levels by involving students in the process of selecting and voting on the best books for their age group.  Studies consistently show that reading for pleasure begins to wane as children reach middle school age and the goal of this award is to get these kids interested in reading good, current books that appeal to their age level.   Each year the committee selects ten books for middle school readers and ten books for high school readers published within three years of the award year to make up the two NC YA Book Award lists.  The titles are chosen from nominations submitted by students and media coordinators across the state. Throughout the school year students are encouraged to read from the lists and think critically about what they read.  Then in March, they vote for their favorite book.  After tallying the student votes, a winner is announced in April and the new book lists are published.  
Timeline for NC YA Book Award:
September to March - Students read books from the middle and high school lists
October - Presentation from NCYA book award committee at NCSLMA conference
November - NC YA Book Award committee presents a session at the NCSLMA annual conference introducing the books on the current years list.
March - Students vote for their favorite book
Students nominate titles for next year's list
Media coordinators tally votes and nominations and send them to the committee
April - The winner of the NC YA Book Award is announced
The new list of books is published.

North Carolina Children's Book Award

The North Carolina Children's Book Award program is a children's choice program sponsored by school and public librarians in North Carolina and is designed to introduce children to current children's literature and to instill a love of reading.  This award is notable because all books are nominated and voted on solely by the children of North Carolina.

Voting is currently underway and nominations for next year are being accepted.

For book nominees, book trailers, great activities, lessons, and voting information,  click here:  website

This site will be updated with more information about NCCBA soon!


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